What are you getting for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day Gift Set

Happy New Year from Socialite Body Essentials.  We've had quite a few changes and because of the holiday rush, we've been slacking on our blog posts (ha). 
Thank you all for the support of SBE in such a short amount of time. We can't thank you enough for diving in and wiping us clean of our inventory for the 2017 holiday season.
Next up, we have VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT SETS which will be available online 01.19.2018 for $39.99.  We are so excited to offer these relaxing yet moisturizing sets that we can't wait for you all to get your hands on.
If you’re in the Ann Arbor area on January 18, 2018, you may purchase these gift sets before everyone else at the Black HairStory show. Just come visit us at our vendor table and be the first to grab your ONE NIGHT STAND gift set.  The show starts at 7:20pm on the campus of University of Michigan - Ann Arbor in the Michigan League Ballroom.
This gift set is a treat to our current and future customers who wish to try a different scent AND brand new product which is our epsom salt based body scrub.
We at SBE are constantly inventing and making sure our products are pure, natural, smell awesome, and doesn't include a ton of ingredients.  This Valentine's Day, we invite you to check out our Rose and Vanilla Sandalwood scented 8oz whipped body butter, 8oz epsom salt scrub, and our 8oz bath gel.  Each gift set comes with a scoop to effectively get your scrub out of your jar.
So what does our Valentine's Day Gift Set look like?
Our 8oz bath gel is encouraged to use first.  Bathe thoroughly and enjoy the enticing fragrance of roses and vanilla sandalwood to cleanse the skin and leave it soft and supple.  Our bath gels have no parabens, water, or mineral oil in them - only TEN ingredients make up this moisturizing gel - it is definitely a treat to enjoy.
one night stand bath gel
Next, use our moisturizing and exfoliating 8oz epsom salt bath scrub/bath soak and indulge in the extraction of dead skin cells that are left on your skin.  We decided to offer our scrub because our loyal customers have purchased so much butter.  We thought, "At some point, they're going to need to exfoliate their skin so their body butters will continue to absorb." In addition to exfoliating your skin, these are great bath soaks to scoop into a nice hot bath.
Epsom salt and baking soda have so many amazing qualities.  Epsom salt eases stress, anxiety, muscles, and nerves.  Epsom salt also helps prevent the hardening of the arteries and blood clots and relieves constipation.
Baking soda fights off diseases, helps ph balance, reduces muscle pain and fatigue, relieves bloating and gas, is a natural hand softener, feet soother, and relieves itchy skin and sunburn.
Grapeseed oil is one of our FAVORITE cold-pressed and natural carrier oils.  Grapeseed oil is extremely moisturizing to the skin and contains a good source of Vitamin E.  Grapeseed oil aids in healing acne, lightens skin, tightens pores, reduces the appearance of scars, and removes makeup.  We are sure you'll leave the shower or bath feeling luxurious after applying this scrub.  Be careful when exiting the tub, it could be a little slippery from the oil!
one night stand body scrub
Last but certainly not least to seal all of that moisture in, is our 8oz whipped body butter.  This body butter contains all of the 8 ingredients included in our staple body butters and we just can't get over how moisturizing this butter is.  Shop Socialite Body Essentials for more details on the 8 ingredients we use. 
one night stand body butter

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