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Detoxifying Facial Wash

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Ingredients: Gentle organic castile soap, detoxifying activated charcoal, healing tea tree oil, hydrating aloe vera gel, smoothing glycerin, nourishing vitamin e, protecting olive oil. Fragrance Free.

Wet hands and face.  Pump 1-2 pumps of cleanser into hand and rub together until a soft lather has formed.  Apply directly onto face, avoiding eyes, and wipe clean with a towel. Follow up with the rose water toner

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Detoxifying Facial Wash

Michael W
Cleansey Skinsey

After washing my face with this product I get the best results. I can definitely see the before and after. I can feel the tingle once I apply this facial cleanser. Definitely a must to keep buying.

Kenneth Long
I love it!

My face started to break out and this face wash cleared it right up! And I have no idea what’s in it but my cat loves it! He hasn’t cuddled up with me this much in months 🥰


I feel the charcoal absorbing any oil and impurities in my skin every time I use it.

Vikki R
Give it a go!

I've been enjoying my face wash! I'm used to using thicker solutions for face wash so this was a change for me. When you use, just create a cup in your hand and rub both together to create a lather. Since using, my pores appear smaller and you get that true clean feeling. Give it a go, you won't regret it. A little goes a long way if you get a good lather going.