Natural Deodorant - Socialite Body Essentials
Natural Deodorant - Socialite Body Essentials
Natural Deodorant - Socialite Body Essentials
Natural Deodorant - Socialite Body Essentials

Natural Deodorant

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Beeswax, shea butter, zinc oxide, bentonite clay, tapioca starch, tea tree oil, sunflower oil, and fragrance.


Deodorant lasts up to 24hrs before reapplication is needed. Product can cause staining on clothing but can be rubbed in to armpit to prevent this from occurring. Due to product containing bentonite clay, it is naturally detoxing. If you have NOT used a natural deodorant previously, armpits are subjected to darken to adjust from traditional anti-perspirant and should last up to two weeks. 

Socialite's deodorant is alcohol-free and paraben-free. The fresh, clean scents will have you sniffing your pits all day long! To use, apply daily as often as needed to clean, dry skin. As with any aluminum-free deodorant, some wetness is normal. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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Customer Reviews

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Alicia Swift
love love love this

over the last 15 years my body has began to reject anything that is not natural when it comes to lotions, deodorants and body stuff. i normally make my own but i dont always have the time. this has been a great replacement for when i am low on time and cant make my own. it works the same as mine and even better some days! glad to be able to support my Soror's business and to support another great Black Owned Business!


This is THE best natural deodorant I’ve used!

Jay Love
Best Natural Deodorant EVER.

I have tried every natural deodorant on the market and nothing even comes close to Socialites! Full day of work, a workout and still smell good. Perfection! I have worn it thru all 4 seasons and same results regardless of temperature, sweating etc.

Aiesha Jeter-Jones
This has saved my son

My 13 year old was so musty by the end of the day from regular deodorant, and I even went to his doctor and she said she couldn’t recommend anything and it was his natural body odor. I had him use love child and he has not been musty since that day and he has been using it now for over 2 months now and it is the best thing on this side of heaven!!!!!!! I’m very pleased with this deodorant and so is my son and we will continue to buy more. Thank you so much socialite!!!!

Danie L.
Speechless. 10 out of 10

It smells just as amazing from the moment you put it on, throughout the day, and even into the next day. I've never used a natural deodorant that works so great. I'm speechless actually. D. Karan was my go to deodorant for years....I discovered Socialite products a few months ago and they have me in a chokehold and I'm never turning back. Signing up for autoreplenish will definitely be a must for me now. Keep up the amazing work, with your amazing quality products and customer service.