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Rose Water Facial Mist

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Ingredients: Moisturizing purified water, nourishing vitamin e, smoothing glycerin, hydrating aloe vera water, fragrant rose petals. Light fragrance.

After cleansing with the CLEANSE - Activated Charcoal Cleanser, spray lightly onto face, avoiding eyes.  Allow toner to air dry.  Follow up with the SEAL - FACIAL MOISTURIZER to seal in the moisture from the rose water toner.

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Customer Reviews

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Ash Bash
Refreshing great smelling rose mist!

I started using these products to help keep my skin nice and clean in a simple natural way and I’m super glad that I did! I love to give my face the mist after I cleanse with the charcoal cleanser. I follow up with the seal and allow the magic of nature to work to restore my skin each day. I highly recommend the entire set!

Yolanda Jackson
Rose Water Mist

The Rose Water Mist has my face feeling so smooth and fresh. I love it.


I love everything about these products, from the cleanser, toner and moisturizer . I only use these products once a day, I noticed when I did twice a day it was a but too much for my skin type. . It doesn't make my skin dry after a few hours. Skin stays hydrated all day until its time to cleanse again.

Will be restocking on more soon.

Lisa B.
Simple. Refreshing.

I use this toner twice a day as a part of my skin care routine. The fragrance is fresh and not at all overpowering and the product visibly refreshes my skin, best of all, it doesn’t leave a sticky feel to the skin.
It layers well with other serums and moisturizers too.

Can’t wait to use it this summer. My face burns occasionally (even with SPF 50) and some of the other rose water toners are too chemical heavy, further irritating the skin.

Ordering more on Friday!

Victoria C.
Acne and blemishes Be Gone. Thankful for these facial products

I can’t say enough words to describe how amazing the Rose Water Facial Mist and the Cleanser are. Between wearing a mask more hours during the day than not and exercising my face was experiencing so many outbreaks. It was insane. I have never experienced acne like this. I purchase highly recommended brands with no relief in my acne and the dark blemishes. To add to the ineffectiveness I was have more outbreaks. Nonetheless, these brands were always mentioned when discussing acne, but all they did for me was cause my face to feel dry and burned from the chemical. Thank goodness for Socialite Body Essentials facial cleanser and rose water facial mist. My face was able to recover from the chemical burns, my skin is so soft, pores are less dense, minimal if any additional acne flares. Praise God because I was on the horn with the dermatologist. I felt I was on the road to needing prescription medication. What blew my mild was that these products were able to produce these results and yet are mild and they smell good. I’m so happy with these products. They are my staples. They are affordable and they work. I use them twice a day without any problems. BTW I don’t leave lengthy reviews but I felt that if anyone needed convincing I make sure they knew how I felt. :)