Blood Cleaner Tea - Socialite Body Essentials
Blood Cleaner Tea - Socialite Body Essentials

Blood Cleaner Tea

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Natural herbal blend detoxing circulatory system; increases oxygen in blood, helps to reduce skin rashes/diseases. Ingredients: Burdock Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Licorice Root, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Root, Honey Powder. Use 2 tsp/1c boiling water, simmer 15-20 min. Consume 2-3x daily, reuse herbs 3x; give used herbs back to Earth.

Benefits: Burdock-sugar cravings, tones/strengthens intestines; Sarsaparilla-detoxes/lowers inflammation.; Echinacea-respiratory issues, pain relief; Licorice-anti-inflammatory; Dandelion-fibroids, detoxing, liver stress. *Statements not evaluated by FDA, not intended to diagnose/treat/cure*


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Customer Reviews

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Happy with the quality. Taste of the sea moss and results

Ashley S.
Blood Cleaner Tea

I am just about 3 weeks into using the Blood Cleaner Tea! I’ve added it to my routine of trying to lower my blood pressure! This tea plus garlic supplements, more fruits and veggies, a low-sodium diet and reducing stress has dropped my pressure significantly! Definitely will be sticking this routine and will be ordering this faithfully! I think the detoxifying effects are working wonders for me! It is loose leaf so make you have a strainer handy!

Maya Nelson
Works so well had to stock up!

I decided to try this tea because I have bad eczema and swelling in my legs. I was pleasantly surprised that after a week of drinking it there was a noticeable difference in both. I mix it with my kombutcha and it's a rewarding combination! I do believe this tea will continue to be apart of my daily routine. Thanks SBE for this.

Gabby Tee
Love these products!

I am thankful for these true natural products! So far, I have tried the blood cleaner tea, a custom tea for pain, charcoal & tea tree soap, as well as the shea butter. Within the month that I have been using Socialite Body Essentials, I can see and FEEL a huge difference in my body ❤️

Dianne Davis
Wow Blood Cleaner

To me this is good for all ages of women. I am a senior and I drink this every morning I have noticed a difference in how my body feels. And I will continue to take this everyday. SBE you and your products are so well worth the money and to help you all is so good. Keep on bringing products and sharing about health and wellness