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Flirty Whipped Body Butter

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8 Ounces


Our Flirty whipped body butter is filled with an exotic, tropical paradise with hints of pineapple, pearberry, mango, island fruit we are sure you won't be able to get enough of this enticing whipped body butter.

Best use: After showering, place a small amount to feet first then apply soft socks afterward. Follow-up with the rest of your body.

All products contain fragrance oils that are vegan, cruelty-free, non-gmo, soy, gluten, and alcohol free.

Product is not made to be stored in high heat locations. Please place into a cool location i.e. refrigerator and butter will return to a solid, non-whipped consistency but will maintain its fragrance and moisturizing capabilities.

Please do a patch test prior to all over body placement.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Ingredients: Raw unrefined shea butter, Virgin Unrefined Coconut oil, Organic Grapeseed oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Sweet Almond oil, Organic Castor oil, Organic Olive oil

Customer Reviews

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Smells sooooo good!

Listen my 9 year old daughter refused to wear lotions or butters until now. She has taken ownership of my Flirty butter and I’m so happy! I love it. Will buy more!

My favorite

I'm always so excited to receive any of my body butters, but Flirty and Winter Bae make me do a lil dance! My body thanks you for such a wonderful product. What I love most is with me having so many allergies, it's hard to find great products that don't leave my skin irritated, I can honestly say for the past 2 years, I haven't had any issues.

Fruity Amazing Goodness

It smells ahhhmazing! I smell so fruity when I wear it! Lightweight, not oily and glides on like BUTTA. Will continue to support!


This body butter is amazing. It has an amazing scent that is not all. It is enough for me to notice and feel great about my amazing smell. It's subtle scent is also amazing for getting close to others. I'm hoping this scent isn't seasonal but if it is I'll be purchasing whenever it's available.

Best skincare

My skin hasn’t used anything else since trying Socialite Body Butters, body wash, and scrubs. It’s softer, smoother, & glowing more than ever. If I run out and dont have my orders in time my skin gets dry & looks a mess. Don’t even get me started on the scent, because it’s so freaking breathtaking. People ask me what am I wearing before I get close up on them or as I walk by