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Happy Hour

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Lemon and Grapefruit

A bright, crisp, and citrus blend.

8oz Whipped Body Butter

6oz Goat's Milk Body Silk

4oz Goat's Milk Handmade Bar Soap

4oz Whipped Body Butter

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Customer Reviews

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Anjanette Haggard
Damaged Product

I’ve only placed a few Socialite orders, most of them being body butters. This time my package arrived damaged. The package itself had been placed in a plastic bag from USPS only apologizing for the damage. My Happy Hour body butter container was damaged in a way that caused the lid to come off and be folded in half. There was more body butter in the box rather than the container. This is more likely a shipping problem rather than a distributor problem, but it was really disappointing nonetheless. I was only able to salvage about half of the product. What remained has been great, but it would’ve been nice to get all of the product as it was expected.

Love it

Feels so good and smells delicious.

Toni Jones
I loved your products

I didn't feel comfortable calling them products,they are more like potions lol. The only thing I have issue is there aren't any gallon containers I can buy of your of your potions lol.

Rochelle Tandy
Happy hour

Of course I love the feel of the whipped butter. And, that the scent lasts throughout the day. While I like the scent, the lemon is the strongest in the mixture. The description has other elements but they are almost overpowered by the lemon. Thankfully it is refreshing and vibrant. I layer it with a perfume just to offer a floral scent that mixes well with the lemon.

Racquel Malone

Happy Hour